Soil NPK Sensor


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  • The soil NPK sensor is suitable for detecting the content of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium in the soil, as well as  the fertility of the soil.
  • This helps to the  systematic evaluation of the soil condition.
  • It can  be buried in the soil for a long time, resistant to long-term electrolysis, corrosion resistance and  completely waterproof.
  • The sensor is widely used in the detection of  soil nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.
  • It has a  high measurement accuracy, fast response speed, and good interchangeability.


Power supply: 5-30VDC
Maximum power consumption: ≤0.15W
Operating temperature: -40~80℃
NPK parameters:
Range: 0-1999 mg/kg(mg/L)
Resolution: 1 mg/kg(mg/L)
Precision: ±2%FS
Response time: ≤1S
Protection grade: IP68
Probe material: 316 stainless steel
Sealing material: Black flame-retardant epoxy resin
Default cable length: 2 meters, cable length can be customized
Dimensions: 45*15*123mm
Output signal: RS485/4-20ma/0-5v/0-10v


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