Inductive Proximity Sensor LJ8A3-4-Z/BX


This module uses electromagnetic radiation to detect the presence of metals, particularly ferrous metals. 

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  • The inductive proximity sensor uses the principle of electromagnetic radiation to detect or metallic objects.
  • These sensors can work even in wet environments without failing.
  • It creates an electromagnetic field when current is passed through it.
  • Metals unlike plastics are able to disrupt this field, giving us the ability to detect metals.
  • It can also be interfaced with microcontrollers such as the Arduino, ESP8266, ESP32 etc…

NB: It is most effective with ferrous metals



  • Supply voltage: 5-36V DC
  • Detection range: 0-4.4mm
  • Type: 
  • Wire colors:  
  • Diameter:
  • Body length: 


Some of the applications include:

* metal detection

* proximity switches

* used in magnetic resonance imaging

* distance and position measurement


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